Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Precedent: Thermal Springs In Peru

When I was back in my country, I was taught that the Inca civilization used Thermal Springs as a techniques of relaxation. Since the Inca civilization was a pre-Columbian society, I do not know if the Incas called or  considered these locations Spa, but has some similarities to the activities you are able to do at Spa in the present day. Cajamarca, Cuzco  are some of the cities where these thermal springs are located in Peru. They said that the reason for keeping water to be warm is because of ongoing geologic tectonic activity located at Nazca with the presence of the South American plates which produces earthquakes oftenly. For this reason, these thermal sources reach the temperatures of 89 CelsiusOne of the main reasons of people from inside and outside this nation go to this thermal springs because the are known you can heal in them. For this reason, I wanted to know if it was possible to create a Spa with a similar approach that happens back there. From what I learned in my sustainability course, I remember that there was geothermal systems that could be used as a heating process in the house. Therefore, I wonder if this technique could be used somehow similarly to these ancient techniques that the Inca civilization used back in the day. 

Photographs of the Thermal Springs


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