Thursday, September 29, 2011

Concept Models

First Concept

The concept model shows the connectivity between two buildings. It is connected by a bridge that allows to circulate from one building to the other.

Second Concept

Big and Small Relationship
The concept model shows the relationship between the density of each of the buildings.

Third Concept

Lighting and Shade Relationship
The concept shows the lighting through the windows and openings that is found in the building, and the shade that the lighting gives inside the building.

Fourth Concept

The concept model shows the fusion of geometric shapes and how these different shapes together make one geometrical shape.

Fifth Concept

The model shows the intimacy in the middle of the model and how to move from a non intimate to an intimate space.

Sixth Concept

The following model shows the movement inside of the building moving from one space to another.

Seventh Concept

In the following model, I was trying to show the circulation in the inside of a building. The arrows show how the people move around.

Eight Concept

The following model represents the influence a structure brings depending on it size, shape, form, connection, etc. 

Ninth Concept

In this model, I tried to implement rhythm through window openings, the man shows how does it feel to be located in a particular space that has the same rhythm of windows through a hallway knowing what you are going to expect from start to the end.

Tenth Concept

In this model, I wanted to implement the pattern an individual must travel to get to a certain destination.

Eleventh Concept

 In this model, I wanted to show how an individual could find shelter space if the place is accessible to get inside. For example, the bus stops where people find shelter once there is bad weather conditions. Therefore, the model tries to implement the same idea.

Twelfth Concept

In the following model, I wanted to demonstrate axis, the way people can circulate around depending on the straight direct axial spaces found in a building, corridor, pattern, etc.  

Thirteenth Concept

Community Integrity
In the following model, I wanted to show the integration of the different buildings in the surroundings to gather people together to a structure and work as a community. 

Fourteenth Concept

Inner Harmony
In this model, I wanted to implement the idea of inner harmony and relaxation by implementing a relationship between the user and exterior environment. For example, the space designed is for an individual laying down in a bed with access to view the night sky. In this scenario, it will give the user the opportunity to relax by observing the sky working like a massage room in a spa.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Design Problem: Customer Values

SERVICE: a Key Factor in the Success a Spa
NATURAL LIGHTING: Allows light entrance and save energy during day time.

NEATNESS:A clean environment helps to develop a better work space.

-Service: The warm and carefulness of the Spa staff that they offer their customers.

-Environment: The use of sustainable practice with the interactivity of the customers will create a atmosphere for customers to relax and have fun while they are the Spa.

 -Lighting: The effect of natural lighting reflected in water seems to have a common use in many modern day spas. Therefore, the proper use of windows, openings, voids, should be important when deciding how to combine them in the rooms.

-Aesthetically Pleasant: The attractiveness of the facility will make customers feel more comfortable to receive the services. 
-Affordable: Promotions, service packages, discounts are some are some way to attract customers to keep them attending to the Spa. For this reason, affordability is a key factor when deciding customer happiness.

-Sustainability: The use of sustainable equipment will make a difference when saving energy and water. The use of this equipment will guarantee a lower fee in water and electrical bills. For this reason, customers will appreciate and identify themselves with these practices. The use of natural lighting, organic ingredients, recycled materials will help educate customers that sustainable practices is the best method for the future.

-Location: If customers live in the surrounding they could save money by walking to the spa instead of driving. In addition to the location, making the most effective use of the land as possible. Geothermal technology depending on the zone that the spa is located.
-Environment: The atmosphere in the service that customers should receive must be friendly and satisfy their expectations. For this reason, services should be one of the main focus in the Spa.

-Neatness: the neatness and maintenance of a clean Spa should be important. Customers will appreciate the neatness of their facility since it improves the environment of the spa.

-Surroundings: If a spa is located in a neighborhood where it is surrounded by a walking distance stores, it will help boost their economy. Therefore, people will be able to create a better social life. In addition to, if the spa is surrounded by houses, it will feel isolated since the facility could be the most dominant building between the houses. For this reason, Baltimore City will play an important role because of the weather conditions, and the surroundings that the spa could have.

-Neatness & Atmosphere: Customers will appreciate a good service in a clean facility. It will help boost the ego of the costumers and the improve image that the Spa would have toward outsiders.

-Aesthetically Pleasant Building & Lighting: The building should be aesthetically pleasant since first impression will attract costumers. For this reason, artificial and natural lighting should satisfy the costumers to be at a place where it is not too dark and not too bright. They should comfortable and relaxed inside the facility. Therefore, the interior design ,the distribution of the rooms, colors should be a key factor in the success of the Spa.

Gaols & Objectives Customer Viewpoint

In the same case, the diagram shows what the consumer expects from the services at the Spa

Goals and Objectives(Owner's viewpoint)

In this diagram, I made a list of what the objectives an owner can expect to do with his Spa. 

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Spa Plan

From my research, I wanted to know more about the characteristics that they offer at each spa. They give different services depending on the location, environment, affordability, necessities, weather, treatments, and many more services depending on what the owner wants and the client needs. For this reason, this diagram has a similar idea of describing the activities what the user can expect to do at each of these specific locations. For this reason, I see that the Day Spa, the Dental, the Medical, and the Club Spa (depending on the square footage of the actual site) are the most suitable for a Spa located in a city like Baltimore.