Thursday, December 8, 2011

Final Model Photographs Continued..

These are more photographs on how the model looks like in the interior when it is take apart and shows the circulation inside of the building facility.

Final Model Photographs

These are some photographs on how the final model looks like when its all placed together.

Final Sections

These are the required final sections showing what is going in the interior of the building based on how the buildings are distributed.
South Longitudinal section
North Longitudinal Section
West Longitudinal Section

Concept Statement & Functional Adjacencies

Concept Statement

It is recommended that the users learn about this facility. The facility takes advantage of all the natural elements in order to benefit and reduce the use of carbon monoxide to help the environment. In addition to the services provided in the facility, quality service is an important factor in the design of this facility. Therefore, the main goal is to provide the best service as possible to its users. For instance, the facility is equipped with perfect equipment to provide relaxation, wellness, security, harmony, etc. In addition to the sustainable practices, lightning, energy efficient equipment, and water harvesting are practiced in the facility. For this reason, it is important to engage the users to educate them about the sustainable practices in the facility and if possible use them as their benefit in a regular basis at home. The facility tries to avoid the psychological feelings of sorrow, anger, and fear by providing its users natural lighting so that they will not feel that the building is too obscure. In addition to these feelings, the goal is to work with the environment, customers, and neighbors as much possible. Therefore, the facility specialists will be approachable to interact with these factors in order to keep a good relationship and work well together. In case of natural events of weather, the facility will be equipped with drainages, fire sprinklers, and harvest rainwater in rainwater harvesting tanks that will be use in appliances where it is not potable to the users. The facility will be attractive to people with a modern design that will bring the community in the surroundings together in order to make this facility a success in every aspect. For this reason, discounts, promotions will be given to customers who live in a quarter mile radius that which will allow help for referral of new customers and gather as much people as possible in the facility. The facility will have an outdoor space that depending on the weather conditions will be allowed to practice exercise such as yoga, aerobics, to make a connection from the interior to the exterior. For this reason, it is important that the users understand that the facility goal is to satisfy them in every aspect and hope that they enjoy their time inside of the facility.

Functional Adjacencies

Final Schematics and Preliminary Plans

Schematic Floor Plans
First Level
Second Level
 Third Level
Preliminary Floor Plans
First Level

Second Level

Third Level

Final Massing Model

The final massing model was the model to demonstrate how the building design will interact with its surroundings, such as neighbors buildings, the site such as falls road in the back, etc. 

Final Elevations

hello These are the required elevations that demonstrate how each side will look like and how it will interact with the exterior.

North Elevation
 South Elevation
 West Elevation