Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Precedent: Thermal Springs In Peru

When I was back in my country, I was taught that the Inca civilization used Thermal Springs as a techniques of relaxation. Since the Inca civilization was a pre-Columbian society, I do not know if the Incas called or  considered these locations Spa, but has some similarities to the activities you are able to do at Spa in the present day. Cajamarca, Cuzco  are some of the cities where these thermal springs are located in Peru. They said that the reason for keeping water to be warm is because of ongoing geologic tectonic activity located at Nazca with the presence of the South American plates which produces earthquakes oftenly. For this reason, these thermal sources reach the temperatures of 89 CelsiusOne of the main reasons of people from inside and outside this nation go to this thermal springs because the are known you can heal in them. For this reason, I wanted to know if it was possible to create a Spa with a similar approach that happens back there. From what I learned in my sustainability course, I remember that there was geothermal systems that could be used as a heating process in the house. Therefore, I wonder if this technique could be used somehow similarly to these ancient techniques that the Inca civilization used back in the day. 

Photographs of the Thermal Springs


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Key Players: Furniture and Appliances

According to my research, these are some of the furniture that would be included in a Spa. For instance, most of these furniture provide a method of relaxation, as well as personal care.

Streamline Pedicure Chair:
A multitask pedicure chair that could be reclined back.

Massage System Chairs: Provide massages.

Spa Lounge: Upholstered rest area

Tekno Relax: A synchronized electrical chair that provides relaxation

Gloss: Manicure System Table

Precedent: The Villa Glamorous, Indonesia

It seems that the presence of the best modern appliances and well spaced interiors. Even though, this Spa is located at an island in Indonesia, the Spa becomes a dominant space for relaxation if mixed wisely, they mixed the presence of modern furniture mixed with the calm feeling of nature.

This is the relaxation room, the room has a panoramic sight to the ocean which provides natural beauty in the room.

This is the swimming pool area, the modern spas provide the sense of relaxation depending on the weather conditions. In this location, they take advantage of the warm weather conditions. In addition, the use of modern furniture and the nature make a great environment for relaxation.

Another picture where they provide their costumers the sense relaxation with the help of the modern jacuzzis.

Precedent:Naples Archaeological Thermal Bath Complex at Via Terracina


Naples Archaeological was a thermal Bath that was used by the Ancient Greeks. As we know, they used different methods that did not involve electrical source as the modern Spas. For this reason, I believe it is important to know what kind of methods they used in order to make their thermal baths function.For this reason, I wanted to explore this an ancient techniques that are sustainable and if possible mixed them with the modern techniques.

The Latrine :

The Latrine was a semi-circular structure that was illuminated by five windows at the top covered by a semicircular cupola. The semicircular walls evidence of frescoes in them. Also, they experience their admiration for animals since the ground evidences the remains of a black and white mosaics with the figures of two dolphins and a mythical marine animal in the area. In addition to, there are equally spaced holes and gutters above them where the water was replenished  by the cistern that was located behind the latrine through underground aqueducts. 

The Frigidarium: 
The photograph at the left represent the picture of a semi circular at one side of the room. In addition to, the photograph on the right is a rectangular bath. According to the research, it says that this was the most important place since it held important activities such as therapy for the people.

The Caldarium:
The Caldarium was the room  where the ultimate technology of the time was implemented. It was the hottest room in this structure. They implemented the hypocaustum(image on the right)  techniques that consisted of piers that allowed the hot air to travel from other rooms through the floor and through the walls via terracotta tubes that created a room with a constant high temperature, and was provided illumination through natural illumination with high windows.

The Solaryum:
The room allowed warm temperatures since it used the same techniques as the caladarium with the difference that it did not allowed the hot air to travel through the walls.   

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Monday, August 29, 2011

Energy Efficiency, Sustainable Water Consumption Spa

The best way to be energy efficient is to have and work with the right appliances in order to be sustainable. According to my research, there are hot tubs that provide a way to save energy according to its R-Value. In order to monitor the efficiency of the energy consumption Power Cost Monitor is a tool that could be used in order to know which appliances, lighting fixtures, as many other applianes could be the reason of making the electrical bill rise. For this reason, it is important to know which appliances to use in order to be the most sustainable as possible.  

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SPA distribution of rooms

The following floor plan is a precedent of a Spa located in Austria. In the following picture, I will like to mention the importance of the activities that are related inside the Spa. Activities such as the sauna room, the bathing room, the healing room, the relaxation room, etc. In the middle part of the Spa, we can find the pool which works as a hierarchical location since all the rooms are distributed surrounding the pool. For this reason, one of the main activities when relating to a spa it should be the swimming pool.

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Thursday, August 25, 2011

SWOT analysis

According to my research, Spa swot analysis faces some challenges based on their Swot analysis. Therefore, The objective is to give the best quality at an affordable price  for the owner as well as the customer.the location could bring a large quantity of people spa based on the location, the activities the spa offer, programming, etc.

List of Activities in a SPA

The image mentions the main activities that people enjoy while being at a Spa.