Thursday, October 27, 2011

Final Schematic Design

As I was changing my conceptual model and try to evolve it into a newer shape, I came up with my final schematic model design. The Model has taken some of ideas from with the connectivity conceptual model and  has some similarities to it. At this point, I started to locate my model in my final topography and understand the density of the building and it reads in the site.

Final Concept Schematic Model

After I finished working in my model, I started working with my first functional adjacencies  from my program report and my my functional adjacencies plan from my first iteration. At this point, I started to create the schematic floor plans with the new final schematic building shape. The building is three stories high, and I started the production of the elevations of the buildings and the section.

First Level Floor Schematic Plan

Second Level Floor Schematic Plan

Third Level Floor Schematic Plan

North Schematic Elevation

East Schematic Elevation

West Schematic Elevation

South Schematic Elevation

Schematic Section

Finally, I located the building in the front in order to understand how dominant the building is and what are the best option for the building orientation, and how the view to the falls river could be taken advantage as much as possible.

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